The Dora brand makes and designs unique handmade earrings from polymer clay by hands of Dolores Đuračić, proud owner of master's degree in fine arts.


"From early age I've been in the world of creativity and arts. I have graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka, majoring in painting. I turned my love for art into making earrings that define simplicity, and are unique at the same time. Always wanted to have my own hanmade piece of jewlery that is made with passion and love for arts. Each earing is a little painting :)

Earrings are made from polymer clay which is ideal for modeling that hardens and becomes very light and flexible. Making jewelry goes through several processes starting from sketching, modeling, baking, sanding and finally glazing.

Spontaneity in my work is very important to me, so in my offer you can often find pieces of jewelry that are made from remains of clay and are impossible to repeat them. All earrings are extremely easy to wear regardless of their size."


 For more info and questions you can contact me at info@doraartstudio.com